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SPOKANE, WA – AUGUST 21, 2023 – Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward issues the following statements on the wildfires ravaging the Greater Spokane region.

Woodward states, “Yesterday I spent eight hours witnessing first-hand the depths of wildfire devastation and the heights of humanity. I visited with families who have lost everything, but mercifully not each other. I also visited with first responders from throughout the Pacific Northwest who are working tirelessly to stop the danger while putting themselves in harm’s way.”

Woodward continues, “The best way that we can help is to provide support to the ongoing efforts. One option is the local efforts of the American Red Cross. You can click here for more information. You may also choose to support other local efforts being organized by churches and civic groups throughout our area.”

Woodward concludes, “I am deeply disturbed that Matt Shea chose to politicize a gathering of thousands of citizens who joined together yesterday to pray for fire victims and first responders. I attended the event with one purpose only and that was to join with fellow citizens to begin the healing process. I am also disappointed that Lisa Brown has chosen to distract from our community’s primary purpose at this moment – and that is to do all that we can to embrace the victims and help them in their time of need.”

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